Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Year in Review

My husband's company does this really awesome "Year in Review" video each December and I thought what a better way to jump start this new blog! I came across this idea while perusing Pinterest (all artist steal) and I decided to finally take on the challenge of doing A SKETCH A DAY. I've always loved to keep a sketchbook, but in the past I usually kept notes or small drawings in my sketchbook. Since I started my "Sketch Calendar" I've become much more in love with sketching. I've finally turned into one of those people who can't go anywhere without my sketchbook and pens! It's my walking blog. I start each new month by laying out the different days and try my hardest to infuse new ideas into each month. You can see how my designs/layout change and transform throughout my year.

So here it is.... Sketchbook Calendar from April 2013 to March 2014

Since I found this amazing challenge in April I decided to start right then. I knew I wouldn't have remembered to start in May so instead of procrastinating, I just dove!

August was my first challenging month. I knew I wanted to step it up a notch, so each of these little tabs flips up to reveal my sketch!

Leaf stencil in all the beautiful colors I was seeing outside my window

December is super glittery! Didn't show well in photo : /

Each of the tabs flip up! Here, look!

My final week in March I dedicated to the NAEA Conference. I of course barely had enough room. 

I really encourage you to start one of these in your sketchbook. Start small and keep up! There's NO shame if you have to do a day or two at a time (I fell behind A LOT). My students are always so excited to see my finished months and enjoy giving me ideas for layout. Some of them have even dedicated themselves to doing one in their own sketchbook. They haven't 100% followed through, however. 

I have challenged myself to do a week calendar for 2014-15. Larger sketches and much more work involved but I think I'm up for the task! Are you?

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  1. Love this - so simple and yet engaging. Well done! I'm going to try this too.