Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Walking Gallery Makes its Debut

I was so excited to do this "Walking Gallery" that I kind of jumped the gun on the blogging. The kids were really into it and on my end of the year survey, a good majority of my 8th graders said it was their favorite project this year. I think it was for two reasons. One because they got to make something functional. They spent time and energy to really make sure their shirts turned out well. Two was because I left it 100% choice based. My students respond so well to general guidelines with lots of freedom on subject matter. Giving a middle schooler choice is like giving the $1000. They are in that "be my own person" phase, but still too young to be on their own. Why not let them explore themselves and their world through art? As the final part of this project, I had a "Walking Gallery" day. Students wore their shirts to school (for a little extra credit at the end of the year) and it has been fun to watch them re-wear their shirts time and again. Check out their awesome designs!

That's me on the left wearing the second T-shirt I made. I just had too much fun making the first one :)

This 8th grader is all set for high school next year. Made her shirt for the High School she's attending!

Hope you enjoyed our little "Walking Gallery". I've never repeated a project, but this one might need to be done again next year. How fun! Thanks for viewing and I hope your summer is relaxing and ART FILLED!