Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Work Wells! Part 1

Slowly but surely I am figuring this whole teaching thing out. As a third year teacher, I've had to continually work out kinks after things being stolen or lost. Here are a few new thing I've added to keep me sane this year (some added last year)!

My classroom...I was feeling a little left out

This is my favorite online stop watch that I use in my classroom DAILY! To start class I post 1:00 and this is to allow students to get materials, be in their seats with voices off. This SAVED my voice! Middle schoolers can be loud and shouting "Let's get started!" got old quick. I also use this for 5 mins of voices off at the beginning of each class, to help get students focused on the tasks for the day. Stopwatch=LIFESAVER!

At the beginning of the year students create their own portfolios. I like using the light paper so that students can decorate, but I was having issues with student putting folders in wrong slots. Solution? Patterned tape! I got some Washi Tape or Duct Tape and each class has a different one! It's worked like a dream for misplacing folders! 

Stole this idea from Kelsey Lapin from ArtsyFartsyArtRoom. Behavior chart to earn special rewards. Classes that are performing at at 3 or 4 get Free Music Friday and get to "choose" their own seats for next quarter! It's been great to have a talking point with students to check in and see how they're doing. They seem to be responding well, especially if a number is changed during class...

I know A LOT of teachers already do this, but if you're not then DO IT! It takes up almost no space and takes the ICK factor out of taking passes to the bathroom. 

BYOD stands for "Bring Your Own Device". Students use technology in the classroom constantly, especially in middle school! Ever have a student using a device during lecture but claim to be "researching"? My school has adopted this system. When on red students can't use any sort of devise, yellow means ask first and green means devices allowed as long as visible.  Sounds like "duh" but it really does help cut down on technology issues. 

These last two are merely examples of two very common things in the classroom. My "Did You Miss Something" bin and my handmade poster of my new favorite phrase. 

More to come! Stay tuned!