Monday, April 21, 2014

Changing Surrounding with 1-Point Perspective

So hopefully you didn't get turned-off by the words 1-point perspective. We all know it's important to teach but there's not much creativity wrapped up in this 'step-by-step' process. There have been some really great perspective projects floating around Pinterest lately and when I came across artist Ben Heine I was inspired to get the perspective ball rolling with my 6th grade students. If you haven't checked out Ben's work check it out here:

I had a really great time getting deeper than the 1-point perspective with my students by challenging them to change their surroundings. They were asked to pick a background that was 'boring' and use art/perspective to change it into something spectacular. A lot of students chose brick walls, doors, or a side walk, but what was really awesome is all the different ways they chose to change them. So here you go. Yet another perspective project, but hopefully it will inspire you to think a little further :)

Just love the exploding quality! An awesome piece. 

Not for those afraid of heights :)

Great use of texture

She just thought the grey circle in the middle was a little boring :)

For this project students learned 1-point perspective (obvie), basic shading, foreground, middleground, background, atmospheric perspective and were encouraged to include some of the lessons from our previous projects :) Hope you enjoyed. 

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