Friday, May 30, 2014

Creative Cups!

Well what can I say? All the best artist steal and I would like to thank "The Lost Sock" for springing this lovely idea on me. My 7th grade students were in a bit of a slump. Maybe it's the end of year syndrome or perhaps I need to step up my game, but I just needed to get the creative juice flowing in these kiddos. When I stumbled across this amazing post, along with this video from Sharpie, I finally found the perfect project to get my kiddo back on that creative wagon. Simple enough. Just a styrofoam cup and a bunch of Sharpie markers. The struggle for my kids? I didn't answer ANY questions! I checked their thumbnail sketches and let them fly. To celebrate all their creativity we had ourselves a little party. Check out the photos of these delightful cups!    

This little lady decided to pace on the beverages and picked some flowers for it instead :)

I also have this little video of one of the cups in the round! Check it out and feel free to steal. I did. Thank you "The Lost Sock"

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