Sunday, January 11, 2015

Another Year in Sketches

It's my new year's resolution to get back into blogging. I feel like this school year is really kicking my butt, but my spirits are high and I am ready to blog.

At the beginning of my blog I posted the first year of my daily sketches. I am so proud of myself for keeping with it and completing another year. With 2014, I challenged myself to do larger sketches instead of putting a whole month on a two page spread.

Here is my year through sketches...

I'm very happy that I have inspired a few people to start doing this. It is incredibly rewarding and a great way to keep you sane in the hectic life of being a teacher. There are even a few gen-ed teachers who are giving it a try at my school. Now that December is finished, I have completed the ENTIRE sketchbook. Luckily I got a new one for Christmas. The before and after is quite dramatic!

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